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The fifth ISO/TC227 International Meeting was held at Manchester, England.

  ISO/TC227 Springs has established in November, 2004. After the first Meeting at Tokyo, Japan in August, 2005, the Meeting had been continuously held at Achern, Germany, in October 2006(second), at Beijing, China in October 2007(third), and Bangkok
  Thailand 2008(fourth). The secretariat of TC227, Mr. Shigeo Aiba, President of TOGO Seisakusho Corporation was nominated as an International Secretary. As for Japanese organization, Mr. Akira Yamazaki, Senior Corporate Officer of NHK Spring Co. Ltd. was chosen as a Chairman.
  In the scope of TC227, the standardization of metallic springs covering tolerances, terms, tested methods and manufacturing technologies was decided to be proceeded under a certain business plan. Twelve countries, have currently participated this activity.
  Two standards of ISO 26909 Springs-Vocabulary and ISO 26910-1 Shot-peening part1:General procedures have published this year.
  In the fifth ISO/TC227 Spring Meeting held at Manchester, England on 13th November 2009, ISO/CD 11891Hot Formed Helical Compression Springs-Technical specifications proposed by China has been approved to move from CD(committee draft) to DIS(draft of international standard). A new project, Springs-Symbols proposed by Japan, has also been approved to move from WD(working draft) to CD.
  It has been announced that U.S.A. will join TC227 as the thirteenth P-member.

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